St Peter and St. Pauls began a new partnership with Stoke Community School in early 2014.  The primary school, based in Lower Stoke has been visiting the church with groups of pupils to use architectural features for some of their curriculum work, and further visits are planned for the academic year.

Below are some of the historical artefacts that the school children get to see up close include:

  • A Pewter plate and flagon (probably Tudor)
  • A silver cup dated 1745 which was a gift from the church warden, presented to the church
  • Another smaller silver cup circa 1840 which is used today for communion in present day service
  • Carved wooden Eagle Lectern
  • Old Gas Lamp fitting

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Below, pupils from Stoke Community School try bell ringing, and bible reading from the pulpit.  Future trips could see pupils listen to and even try playing the church organ (Built under a patent of Thomas Casson (1842-1910), a banker from Denbigh in Wales turned organbuilder.

A quiet spot in the church garden/graveyard where pupils can find inspiration for drawing, painting, creative writing, or researching those buried here for studies in social history. 

With the increased activity and upgrading of church facilities and features there are some additional opportunities for volunteers to register interest in various functions at the church, such as:

  • Restoring neglected graves in the church garden (see below)
  • Internal church ‘greeter’ to visitors
  • Occasional volunteer on ‘special event’ days
  • Website updating, or local ‘special event’ promotions
  • Church committee member